Generating Opportunities for Lasting Impact

Resources Law Group advances enduring conservation in California, the West, and the marine environment. We provide transactional and consulting services in land use and natural resources law and policy, and create innovative opportunities for conservation philanthropy. These core values inform our work:


Conservation: Creating enduring conservation is our primary focus, reflected in how and with whom we conduct business. Our greatest strength is our ability to help clients overcome complex barriers to conservation; to develop effective conservation strategies, plans, and programs; and to leverage conservation funding to achieve their goals.

Results, Not Accolades: We work behind the scenes to achieve our clients’ conservation goals. We are candid and open in our work, but do not seek recognition or publicity. We are most effective when the transaction, outcome, or champion of a project receives the visibility.

Professionalism: We maintain high standards of professionalism, ethics, and integrity in all aspects of our work. We endeavor to provide clients with excellent service and to anticipate and respond to their needs. We treat each other and all with whom we interact with respect.

Teamwork and Team Development: Most of our work product and impact results from the efforts of many people. By applying our team’s and clients’ expertise, we achieve outcomes that exceed the ability of any individual. We promote professional growth and development to strengthen individuals and our team.

Quality: Producing consistently high-quality work is fundamental to every project we undertake, regardless of how quickly it must be completed.

Creative Solutions: We are pioneers, innovators, and risk takers. Our ability to devise creative solutions for complex problems is a hallmark of our work. By focusing on overarching conservation goals, we identify shared or complementary purposes among disparate conservation efforts and create unconventional alliances and new, more effective conservation strategies.

Collaboration: We pride ourselves on collaborating and partnering with a variety of interests to achieve results.