New Strategies for Conservation Finance


Resources Law Group brings financing tools and expertise to bear to advance clients’ conservation objectives. Among these tools are state grant programs, philanthropic grant and loan programs, market-based mitigation programs, and bond measures.

We collaborate with state and local agencies to leverage public funds for conservation and marine initiatives and have significant experience designing and leading California bond campaigns for parks, coastal areas, and water resources. We led successful campaigns for Proposition 40, a $2.6 billion park bond in 2002, and for Proposition 84 in 2006—the largest natural resources bond approved to date in the United States.

In addition, we work with clients to create innovative opportunities for strategic venture philanthropy through program-related investments (PRIs), program loans, and other bridge financing mechanisms. We have aided experienced and first-time PRI investors on numerous projects nationwide. Our services have included identifying opportunities, designing programs, providing training in PRI processes, conducting project analysis and risk assessment, staffing the PRI process, and monitoring investments.